I was a Participant

When I was fifteen, I participated in a work camp through AFSC. It was part of a joint program between AFSC and Intermountain yearly meeting, the Quaker yearly meeting comprised of the four corner states. I went with a few of my friends where we worked in South Dakota in the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The experience honestly changed my perspectives on life and in everything really. After my experience with the work camp, I began to raise money to help the Pine Ridge community build houses. Over the next ten years, well over $100,000 was raised to go towards building houses in that community. The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the poorest communities in the Western hemisphere and the money we raised was able to make a significant impact.

My experience with the work camp program led to a life of service. In college I began to lead my own work camps and further delve into service learning. This ultimately led to a job leading work camps at William Pen House in DC where I was part of the William Pen Quaker workcamps (Washington Quaker Workcamps). This led me into the seminary and the path I have found through my service has ultimately led me to Guilford College where I am part of campus ministry.

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