I was a Staff Member

You are talking to the now blind, former AFSC audio visual guy. I was a Westtown School student and I interacted with a lot of the faculty who had worked for the American Friends Service Committee. I remember thinking, I want to be like those guys!

Eventually I found myself back in Philadelphia for work and I was asked to join the Publications Committee and got involved with the 50th anniversary work – building displays and whatnot. An opening occurred for an Audio Visual Director and I was delighted to get the job.

I started in September, 1969 and stayed for 23 years until 1992. I was in the middle of a lot of stuff during that time, as you might imagine. The organization went through tremendous change. When I came the organization was bloated with Conscientious Objectors and eventually it turned over to people who were addressing civil rights. It moved from a volunteer organization to one with paid staff members. But throughout good work continued, and continues still today.

It was frustrating, rewarding, difficult, wonderful work. I loved my years with the Service Committee – it was my career. How do you really name what the Service Committee does? Or their staff members? It is just some sort of genius. The animating spirit is always with you.

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